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  1. The family reunion was lovely this year 2018. I now feel connected to Virginia after the historical tour. I also feel bonding with other family members whom I have met over these last three reunions I’ve attended. Although names have not been imbedded in my mind yet, faces and impressions of each individual family member spirit is never forgotten.
    Thank you all for being there and for sharing yourselves, and thank all of you who work so hard to make the family reunion possible, and for those working and supporting this reunion behind the scenes because you know the importance of it (there are always people like you so I know you are there) thank you. Those whom I have not yet had the opportunity to meet, and who did not receive a personal hug, hand shake or short chit chat, perhaps next time we will have opportunity for direct contact, I still thank you for your unique presence and what you bring.

    There is a saying by one of the companions of prophet Muhammad, Ali (upon him peace) : Live amongst the people in this world, and deal with them in such a manner that if you were alive they would crave your company, and if you died, they would weep over you.

    I thought about Lavern when I realized she was missing this year, May she return from the cruise safely, and you were missed.

  2. This will be my first year attending the family reunion. Looking forward to meeting my extended family. Love, Peace and Joy!

  3. Peace family, I just found out about this reunion earlier this year a d I am looking forward to attending in August.

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