2018 farrar/alexander
family reunion

Registration Closed

Thank you to all who have registered!! Online registration has now closed so we can give final numbers to our vendors. If you will still like to register, contact Hattie or Shawnta Farrar. You can also do so upon arriving this weekend.


Wow.  Did we skip 2017?  What a roller-coaster year it was.  But by grace and mercy the South Hill Committee was able to hop off the bumpy ride of “Trumpisity”, social upheavals, natural disasters, and for some of us, personal and family crises.

Now, we are busy planning a reunion that hopefully offers everyone a bit of the 3Rs:

Reflection, Relaxation and Recreation.

Sprinkled in the midst will be opportunities to meet new attendees and learn more about our history and traditions as a family and African Americans.

Please read and follow the reunion guidelines carefully.  We especially request that you come prepared for the Saturday night event: a MASQUERADE!

South Hill is so limited in cultural offerings in which to engage as a family.  Thus, the masquerade can be entertaining and a  chance to discover new things about each other.  We want all (children, too) to be

participants, not mere spectators. Too often only a few of us take part in our Saturday night activities. Let’s change the paradigm and make the masquerade a memorable event and GREAT SUCCESS! 

We need you and encourage all to pre-plan and start saving for rising costs.

Hope to see you at the reunion!

What will it cost?


74 and over Free
64-73 $50
18-63 $45
9-17 $35
5-8 $25
4 and under Free


Color:  Cardinal red

There will only be a small amount of extra shirts available at the reunion.

 XL: $12

2X-3X: $15

Email vacommittee@farrar-alexander.com for payment information.

Where to stay!!

Because of how many summer activities are booking in Mecklenburg County, we have blocked rooms at a second hotel.

Comfort Inn & Suites
250 Thompson St.
South Hill, VA 23970


2 Double Beds or Single King – 88.40

Double Queen – $96.90

Suites (King or Double Queen) – $104.90

Must Book by July 16th!!!

*Ask for the Farrar-Alexander room rate!

Block Filled!!!  

(See Comfort Inn information below)

Holiday Inn & Suites
1840 N. Mecklenburg Ave.
South Hill, VA 23970


King or Double Queen – $90.00

Suites (King or Double Queen) – $104.00

Must Book by July 16th!!!

Please call immediately to book your room, even South Hill is a busy town during the summer.

*Ask for the Farrar-Alexander room rate!

Reunion activities



  This is a moment for the women and girls of the family to gather and fellowship. This year’s theme is “What to Fear”

(Ceremony for boys 12-15 who have not participated. Men encouraged to attend for support.)

Just as since the dawn of time on the African continent, boys have become young men at the guiding hand of their male elders, so too, at this year’s Farrar/Alexander Family Reunion, boys around twelve years of age will experience this important Rite of Passage.

During the reunion the Elder males in the family will secure the boys in a secluded location and transition them into Farrar/Alexander young men that we can all be proud of as this family grows.

This exercise is completely confidential and the young men should not be questioned when they are returned to the family gathering.

Elder, Charles Farrar 

 Saturday Morning Tour of Historical Family Sites 

Have you seen that which is in your “own back yard?”  Come see and hear stories of our ancestral treasurers from the family homestead to our first school buildings to churches we founded to graveyards where the ancestors have been laid to rest.  
Take the van for the 90 minute tour that stops at five sites important to our family story from the olde slave plantations to today .  The tour will be lead by family historians, Kim Waddy and Charles Farrar.  You will be glad you did! 



Masquerade Celebration

This year for our activity on Saturday evening we invite you to be part of an African Masquerade Celebration! 

Africa is the world’s 2nd largest continent with 54 nations, each with multiple ethnicities. Most African masks represent tradition, royal status, accomplished hunters, warriors,animals and wonders of nature. 

 We encourage you all to make your own masks with your families prior to arriving to the family reunion and use the time to discuss the rich culture and heritage mask making has within our community. Use colors, symbols and mask making techniques that not only pay homage to our ancestors but are also meaningful to you and unique to your family. Mask making is an expressive art and we cannot wait to see them at the Celebration!

 If you already have a collection of African masks feel free to wear one of those or bring them to display.